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Our range of low-code, no-code solutions are designed to empower your workforce, with minimum effort. From productivity time tracking tools for better accountability and billing, to data forensic platforms capable of ingesting millions of line of text in seconds, Adappt have developed a range of cutting edge business solutions that can significantly reduce wastage across your organisation. We understand that one-size doesn't always fit all, our products can be tailored to your specific needs

  • Designed to increase business productivity
  • Customisable to your specific needs
Our Software Solutions

Innovative Software Solutions for Your Success

Experience accelerated growth and success with our cutting-edge software solutions. Harness innovation to stay ahead of the competition and unlock your business' full potential.


Highly Secure Workflow Software for Government, Lawyers, and Financial Services

Timanage, developed by KnowYourDay, is an intelligent and intuitive application designed with utmost user-friendliness in mind. With its dynamic features, this product offers a valuable solution for efficiently organizing multiple projects on a daily basis. Experience the power of Timanage as it streamlines your workflow and enhances productivity like never before.

With a strong focus on data security, Timanage ensures the utmost protection of your valuable information through end-to-end encryption. Rest easy knowing that your data is safeguarded within this robust software application.

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Word 2 Mobile

The Fastest Way to Create Mobile & Tablet Apps

Experience the power of our Word Add-in that seamlessly converts your Word documents into captivating mobile applications. Break free from static documents and unlock new possibilities for accessibility and engagement.

With our innovative solution, you can transform your content into dynamic mobile experiences with just a few clicks. Share your documents as interactive apps, complete with intuitive navigation, multimedia elements, and enhanced functionality.

Impress your audience and deliver your content in a whole new way, bridging the gap between desktop and mobile platforms effortlessly.

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Needle in haystack technology

Pinpoint is a data analytical tool like no other. It is exceptionally scalable, highly configurable to your needs and intuitive to enable instant usability. Powered by comprehensive dictionaries and layered linguistic equations, Pinpoint is UK Home Office award winning technology, used to combat criminal behaviour via intercepted chat messages.

The technology is also deployed by the World Health Organisation to find disease outbreaks from open-source information.

Word to Print

Effortlessly convert your Word documents into print-ready PDFs with our innovative Word Add-in. Streamline your document workflow and ensure professional-quality printing with ease. Experience the convenience and efficiency of converting Word documents into ready-to-print PDFs with just a few clicks.

Excel to Print

Effortlessly transform your Excel documents into print-ready PDFs with our powerful Excel Add-in. With just a few clicks, you can convert your spreadsheets into professionally formatted PDF files, ready for printing or distribution. Streamline your document workflow and ensure your Excel files are presented flawlessly in a PDF format with our innovative solution.

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