At, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace that values and respects every individual, regardless of their background, identities, abilities, or characteristics. We firmly believe that embracing equality, diversity, and inclusivity enhances creativity, innovation, and productivity within our organisation. This policy outlines our commitment and approach to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity throughout our workplace.

Dignity at work

All Employees of Adappt have the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times during their employment and Employees are required to conduct themselves in a manner which is entirely consistent with this general principle.

Any Employee who believes the act of another Employee has infringed this right can be assured that they can raise the issue in trust, in confidence, and in a supportive atmosphere with senior managers. Adappt understand that being a victim of prejudice is an incredibly tough and frightening experience. It takes courage to stand-up, you will have our full support in doing so as we applaud those people who do stand up for a better world for everyone.

Equal opportunities

We provide equal opportunities to all employees, job applicants, clients, and partners without discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status. This is at the very CORE of Adappt’s values. As a Company our collective aim is to ensure that all Employees work in an environment in which people respect one another, are treated with dignity and which is free from unlawful discrimination, victimisation or harassment. We strive to create an environment where all individuals have the same level of access to opportunities, career progression, and development.

Workplace Culture 

We cultivate a workplace culture that encourages inclusivity, mutual respect, and dignity. Harassment, discrimination, or any form of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstance. We are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints promptly and confidentially, ensuring that appropriate action is taken. Adappt will not tolerate individuals who feel they can use / justify / get away with bullying, racist, sexist, casteism or harassing actions and attitudes. 

It is every employee’s duty to use common-sense and to recognise when his or her behaviour or language might be perceived by others to overstep the mark of normal office banter and decency. If others do take offence and say so, the line has been crossed and such conduct may be perceived as harassment. 

Harassment is any unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct which another individual considers violates their dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. Conduct may become harassment if it is persisted in once it has been made clear by the recipient that they regard it as offensive, although a single incident may amount to harassment if sufficiently serious. 

Selective, adverse or negative behaviour (whether verbal, non-verbal or physical) directed towards an individual because of their personal characteristics such as their sex, race and those characteristics listed under the heading “Equal Opportunities’’ is also harassment. 

The following types of behaviour may amount to harassment (the list gives examples only and is not exhaustive): 

  • using sexist, racist language or actions 
  • discriminating due to disability 
  • discriminating due to caste or religious beliefs 
  • using rank in order to bully 
  • suggestive or offensive language, comments, gossip or jokes 
  • unwanted physical contact, whether or not of a sexual nature 
  • suggestive or offensive gestures 
  • isolation or ostracism 
  • insults, ridicule, teasing or bullying 
  • humiliating, demeaning, threatening or persistently criticising an individual 
  • unfair allocation of work or responsibilities 
  • display or circulation of sexually suggestive, pornographic, racist or offensive pictures or other material or transmitting any such messages or images via electronic mail. 

Hiring and Recruitment 

We are dedicated to attracting a diverse pool of applicants for all job positions. Our hiring process is merit-based and focuses on skills, qualifications, and experience rather than personal attributes or backgrounds. We actively encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply and ensure inclusive interview practices for all candidates. 

Training and Development 

We provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training to all employees, fostering awareness, empathy, and understanding of various cultures, perspectives, and experiences. This helps to create an inclusive workforce that appreciates the value of diversity and promotes equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation 

We are committed to providing an accessible workplace environment for employees with disabilities. We will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments or accommodations to support individuals in their roles, ensuring that their abilities and contributions are recognized and respected. 

Employees Resource Groups 

We actively encourage the formation of employee resource groups (ERGs) to support diverse communities within our organization. ERGs play a fundamental role in promoting awareness, dialogue, and collaboration, which helps foster a sense of belonging and inclusion across the company. 

Measurement and Accountability 

We regularly evaluate and measure our progress in implementing this policy and achieving our equality, diversity, and inclusivity objectives. This ensures that we remain accountable and adaptable to address any areas in need of improvement. 

Continuous Improvement 

We are committed to a continuous improvement approach, regularly reviewing and updating our policies and practices to ensure they reflect the evolving needs and best practices in equality, diversity, and inclusivity. 

Through this policy, we establish a framework that supports Adappt's core values, promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. By embracing the power of equality and inclusivity, we strive to enrich our organisation and contribute to positive societal change. 

This statement applies to Adappt Ltd and all its subsidiaries.

David Larner

Chief Executive Officer

Adappt Ltd

Date: 23rd February 2023

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