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Divergence of standards are one of the biggest challenges  faced in the modern technological era. The reasons for divergence are many, and it is important to understand why divergence exists in order to effectively work in a convergent space.

By choosing a convergent strategy we build websites, software and apps that are designed to work consistently across divergent technologies. We do this by following the latest agreed standards, such as HTML5, that have been specifically drawn up to enable convergence. By following a convergent strategy, you can reach the best possible audience whilst saving time, money and effort.

Examples of divergence are

  • Industry based For example, the media publish and movie industries have long established  standards and working practices for handling their respective media. The online community by necessity has invented and innovated way of handling this media which is vastly different from the traditional industry. Most striking of these differences is often the funding models. This is highlighted by the very different user expectations and experience on a platform such as YouTube vs a platform such as Sky's satellite broadcast network.
  • Standards based Even where web standards exists, these standards are frequently interpreted differently. Sometimes this is due to overt competitive manipulation. Examples of this can be seen with Microsoft's non standard implementations of browser scripting and styling and in Apple's exclusion of Adobe Flash from their mobile browsers.
  • Operating system based A whole range of operating systems are in common use  including, WIndows, OSX, IOS, Android, Linux and many more. These operating systems all have different code requirements and software written for one platform rarely works on another with modifications.
  • Hardware based Even on the same operating system divergence exists, as computer manufacturers use differing screen sizes and graphics acceleration to drive a competitive edge, either with price or performance. All these divergences can cause software to behave differently.  Other examples are systems that use touch screen vs mouse for control

Why does convergence matter so much?

  • Firstly it is good practice to be able to reach as many people as possible. People generally do not keep multiple systems just to run different software and it is generally expected that software and / or websites will work on the chosen platform.
  • Secondly, in order to achieve brand consistency it is essential that look and feel is a as close as possible between different devices and platform.

How can convergence help?

By choosing a convergent strategy form the beginning, it is possible to save enormous amounts of time and money. Rather than building multiple divergent versions of the same website or product at great expense, it is possible to build a single convergent system that works across all platforms. Building with a convergent strategy can

  • massively reduce overall build costs
  • reduce time to market
  • create true brand consistency
  • allow your products to grow and adapt to market demand without undue cost
  • future proof you technology


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