Cross Platform Software Developers

The developing media and technology landscape requires a technology company with innovation at its core. adappt develop in partnership with clients to deliver vision, thought leadership and highly effective solutions that people want to share. We are convergence architects of the digital future, harmoniously integrating Drupal, .NET, Sharepoint, Mobile, Tablet and ConnectedTV with the best HTML5 design.

We combine creativity and innovation to inspire people and change behaviour. Our ideas embrace the most appropriate platform, whether harnessing the power of social media, mobile, interactive experiences or cross-platform digital content creation. We work to streamline the consumer journey: making it simple, intuitive, human and beautiful. 

We create entertaining cross-platform experiences in the digital space - whether it be online on the Web, on Mobiles or on TV.  

Our multidisciplinary team of user experience architects and behaviour specialists work with clients to better design, structure and enhance digital properties to deliver the best experience for consumers. We design the applications and build the digital services that capture the imagination, inspire people, and deliver results for clients.

We employ some of the industry's foremost and best experts in enterprise web, mobile and online video technology. We are great believers in making technology work for you. This means when we architect your project, we consider how an online content management system can integrate web, mobile, video and rich media with ease and without complexity.

Our philosophy is to create strong simple UX, with fast time to market. We future proof by thinking ahead, and we create usability by design.  

As a team we pride ourselves on excellence. Our team has nuclear physicists, film industry designers, software gurus, published writers and musicians amongst them.

In our search for the very best and latest cross platform convergent innovation we contribute to major web projects including code contributions to the Open Source enterprise content management system

In a cosmopolitan world of multiple browsers, competing operating systems, disparate device manufacturers and changing standards, we seek to build convergent solutions with the use of the latest web standards such as HTML5.

We create plug and play architectures so that your message can reach as many people as possible with the minimum amount of fuss and maximum amount of style!


  • Online architecture
  • Web design and creative
  • Front-end interactive
  • Secure eCommerce
  • Content management
  • Mobile optimised websites
  • Online video
  • Integrated Smart TV
  • Integrated Google TV

What our clients say

  • "The website that adappt designed and implented for my colleagues and I was extremely professional. The team at adappt were efficient, quick to respond to requests and ensured contact was maintained throughout the duration of the project. I would be happy to recommend"Dr. Frances Maratos (PhD Cognitive Neuroscience) - University of Derby
  • Call and speak to our clients directly to find out what they really think. We want you have the confidence to place your next project with us, and to become our next success story.